Shipibo culture

The Shipibos belong to the large Pano linguistic family with more than 30 ethnic groups in the Peruvian Amazonia.

Most Shipibos live in the Amazon basin of Peru, in the Ucayali region. They live in small communities along the rivers.

The Shipibo community meets its own needs.  They build their accommodation with materials from the forest. They make boats to travel up and down the river, they fish, they hunt, pick fruit and also grow food. The women sew the clothes and are in charge of the craft industry.


The word cosmos which means « the harmonious system of the universe» is of prime importance in the daily life and believes of the Shipibos. For them, everything that exists is part of this universe. In order to be at ease with yourself and the universe and to live a healthy life, everything should be in harmony. And indeed, this harmony is reflected in the craft of the Shipibos.

A characteristic of the Shipibo culture is the relationship they have with plants and herbs. Thousands of medicinal herbs are used by the community, mainly by the healer who knows the properties and virtues of each of them, which give him a very important role. The Ayahuasca is the master plant used by the healer.

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