Chamanic initiation

This option is for those who wish to try out a Shipibo shamanic initiation, which means "dieting" medicinales plants and taking Ayahuasca.

According to the duration and the number of participants, the price for this option varies between 200 and 300 € per person per week.

Shamanism is a traditional practice of Shipibo and is still in the heart of their culture, cosmovision and beliefs. It consits to enter in communication with the espiritus of the forest, mostly the plants, to heal diseases.

Our shaman will introduce you to the virtues of plants, and mainly the Ayahuasca, and help you to be familiar with their cures.

There are many different names given to the Ayahuasca: Medecine, Sacred Plant, Mother of the Master Plants. This sacred creeper, when  combined with a Chacruna leaf, has been used for ages all over Amazonia  to heal, but  also to ‘see’. It is translated in Shipibo by Oni which means wisdom.

    This plant will always remain a great mystery as Shamanism is so huge. Once you drink the herbal tea made from the plant, it guides you deep into yourself, the others and the universe.

The Indians drink it as a cure and to ‘see’. The Westerners, who are in search of knowledge, drink it in order to travel within themselves and experiment its psychotropic effects. Each time you drink it, you are rewarded with a wonderful journey towards the infinite that will allow you to know more about yourself, to discover the secrets of plants and the energies that surround us.

Shamanism is an ancestral practice of the Shipibos. It is at the core of their culture and beliefs. Thanks to strict diets the healers learn how to use the plants and in which quantity to heal the sick. Each plant has its own spirit. Thanks to the Ayahuasca, (the Mother of all Plants) and their ikaros singing, the Shamans are able to communicate with each plant they have dieted.


A shamanic initiation is practised through a diet. A diet consists of getting to know a plant over a certain period of time, weeks, months or years. You need to drink the plant extract several times, in the morning and/or in the evening for a few days, then you need to continue to ‘diet’ the plant over a given length of time. For example 8, 15, 30, 90 days or more, according to the plant you diet.


During this period, you have to be on a very strict diet. Sugar, salt, chili, pork and oil are banned and so is sexual activity, you cannot drink soft drinks, alcohol or use soap. During that period we wash with plants that are beneficial for the diet. At the beginning and at the end of the diet, Ayahuasca ceremonies are organised. The first one is to allow the dieter to open up and be prepared to accept the plant and the last one is to celebrate our diet and put an end to it. When it is over, you can eat normally again.

Relaxing moments and meditation are highly recommended during the diet. All the suggested activities in the “Nature and Culture” programme can be organised together with the shamanic initiation. But if so, it is not recommended to engage in strenuous physical effort or to be exposed to the sun. 

Here below a link to see a small video and have a better idea of what it is: