It's in the port of the city of Pucallpa where you will take the « peke peke »: a small motor boat right up  to Nueva Betania.

In Quechua, Pucallpa means “red soil” which  refers to the colour of the clay you find there. The Incas translated it from the Shipibo word “Mai Joshin”.

Thanks to its location on the river Ucayali, Pucallpa is an important fluvial port of Amazonia that links  large cities such as Iquitos with Pucallpa. It is also the only city in the Amazonian basin which has a road link with Lima. There  is also an important airport in Pucallpa.

Temperatures are very high all year round in Pucallpa with an average temperature of 28° Celsius. Heavy rains prevail mainly from January to March. 

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