This option is for those who wish to discover the Amazonian forest, to live along the river and get to know Indian traditions.

According to the duration and the number of participants, the price for this stay varies between 15 and 20 € per day per person.


Many  activities are offered at “Rao Shabo”: you will be able to walk in the forest, fish from a boat on the river, gather food, playing sports, exchange with the locals  … and of course there will be some well deserved relaxing moments in hamacs!


You can also try making local handcrafts, painting, playing music, visit wonderful lagoons or enjoy massages, relaxation and meditation.


Ayahuasca ceremonies can be organised during your stay for an extra price. These involve the cleansing of the stomach, fasting and herb baths. You will be of course personally assisted by our professional and experienced healeres during those shamanic sessions. To have more information about Ayahuasca, see next page " Your stay - Shamanic Initiation"

If conditions are good and if you are more daring, you could venture far into the rain forest , the « aguajal ». This expedition will also require an additional cost to discuss at the reservation time.



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