How to get to Rao Shobo ?

Rao Shobo is situated in the indigenous Community of Nueva Betania on the Alto Ucayali river in Peru. To get there you need to take a small boat (public transport) from the port of Pucallpa (Ex Capitania, behind market n°1). The journey takes between 4 and 5 hours depending on the season. We suggest to meet us in Pucallpa to travel together to the comunity.

To get to Pucallpa, you can either fly from Lima (1 hout) or come by coach (18 hours) which  will give you a beautiful opportunity to travel through the Andes and see the beautifull landscapes.

Do we need a visa ?

No. No visa is required for citizens from the European Union, the USA and Canada. But you will need a passport with a six-months validity period beyond the date of return.

What is the best time of the year to go ?

It depends on what you are looking for … if you fall under the spell and quietness of rainfalls and that you aren’t afraid of getting wet from time to time, the best months are from January to March. Don’t worry the sun will shine as well (between the rainfalls). If this is not what you are looking for, you can come and visit us outside the rain periods, from April to December.

Are there special medical precautions?

You need to get vaccinated against yellow fever. Otherwise, no other vaccine is required. However, we recommend you to be covered for the following: tetanus , polio, typhoid and hepatitis A+B.

We never had any malaria cases in our area. There is no  need for any prophylactic injection or medication to come to Rao Shobo. But bear in mind that it is not because there is no malaria that there are no mosquitoes in this area. We therefore recommend you to protect yourself against mosquitoes as they can be very annoying.

What kind of accommodation will we be sleeping in?

You will sleep in our traditional Shipibo houses (made of wood and palm trees leaves). All the beds are fitted with mosquito nets (simple, double o family size). Comfort and cleanliness guaranteed!

What should we bring with us?

Cameras, mosquito repulsive, sun lotion, hat, sunglasses, large and lightweight trousers (we don’t recommend jeans), long-sleeved shirts, shorts or bermuda, bathing suit, plastic sandals, torch, batteries.

Is it safe to go into the forest ?

Yes, but you will always be accompanied by a guide each time you leave the community.

What about the mosquitoes, spiders and snakes ?

There are of course a lot of mosquitoes in Peru, mainly at night! But if you are well protected (long sleeves, ..) you won’t even notice them. And anyway, we spend most of our evenings under a giant mosquito net!

As far as the spiders and snakes are concerned, it is very difficult to see them without a guide. But don’t worry; they live deep in the forest and not in the village.

Can we come to Nueva Betania with children ?

Yes of course, they will love it! We will adapt our activities to their ages and interests.

Is there electricity in the houses?

Yes but not permanently. Generally the community switches its generator on from 7 to 10 PM. You will thenhave  the time to recharge all your electric devices.

If it is really necessary in the daytime, we can swith on our own personal generator. Our voltage is 110/120 volts.

Is it possible to make internal phone calls ?

There is a satellite phone in the community. You will be able to buy the phone cards in the community.

Are there some cash dispensers?

Not in Nueva Betania but there are some in Pucallpa.

What languague is spoken at Nueva Betania?

Shipibo but also Spanish.

Can you make other bookings for us in Peru ?

We will be pleased to help you with other bookings in the country (mainly in Lima, Huaraz and Cuzco).

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